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Interests and hobbies

So it’s a well known fact that everybody has different interests and things that they are good at. Personally, my hobby is photography. I love how I feel whilst taking a photo I’m proud of, or conveying recent relevant subjects which I’m interested in. This is the reason I took photography as a GCSE (if you come from a different country they are big exams at the end of 5 years at high school, and they ‘determine’ what you do after you leave school). 

Something that comes with having a hobby is pride. For example, if I go out taking some photos, for example the one below, and I show my parents, or photography teacher, I will almost 99% of the time receive praise on it and that really boosts your confidence, something that many teenagers need once in a while! And if they don’t praise me as much as I’d like, they would say ‘that’s a good idea, why don’t you try…’   giving me more opportunities to make my work better and therefore eventually boosting my overall confidence of my photography work!

This is one of my pieces of work. It’s not very clear but written on the forehead, it reads ‘Made by society’ with a barcode underneath. I often take photos of a negative nature, as I find it more enjoyable and I’m very interested in these sorts of subjects – e.g. The media and society. 

It’s much more difficult these days, to pick up a hobby. When I was younger (I’m only 15!) it was a lot different. I would play outside, do gymnastics, swimming, guitar, dance, trampolining etc. Nowadays I feel it’s harder for younger people as they now have more of an influence of technology than I did those few years ago. For example, very often now, I see parents giving their crying children an iPad or iPhone to play on/watch Netflix to keep them happy (or maybe just to stop them being annoying). This was different for me when I was younger, as my parents would play with me or encourage me to go outside or occupy myself. Kids nowadays grow up with this technology, and it honestly does scare me a bit and makes me feel sorry for them, because they may not do the hobbies people of my age have, and they may not grow up with different experiences, possibly even causing them to not have as good a social life either. 
I feel like this has been a bit of a rant haha, but I do genuinely wish that children would be brought up without knowing that if they cry they will get their own way and get to play games on their mum’s iPad.

My final point is that I think it’s important to have hobbies – whether that be clubs you join, or something you do yourself – like my photography. It gives you a bit of a push in life, giving you more experiences and overall, making you a better, happier and more interesting person! 

if anyone’s read this far I will be so impressed😅😁

Thankyou for reading! I love sharing my thoughts x x x
Also if anyone has any opinions or thoughts on this i would love to hear them! Comment if you do and I’ll be sure to read them! X


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