New beginnings

The beginning

image.jpegIve been wanting to start a blog for a while now, but I’ve always put off doing it, thinking my ideas wouldn’t be good enough or it would be a waste of time. But here I am and it feel so so good!

Im a 15 year old girl from the UK. I’m currently going into year 11 (the last year of school), but am on my summer holiday (hence the beach huts photo!) I started this blog because I really enjoy writing and just letting my thoughts and feelings out, and I feel as though my opinions and advice could potentially help anyone going through topics that I’m going to cover.

I’ve decided that my blog will cover many things, from health – excersise, diets, healthy eating, veganism etc, to makeup – things I’m loving to use, and my opinions on the products, to mental health – something I am very ‘interested’ in or something which I can relate to on many levels so I wish to help others out (if anyone even ends up reading my blog posts!)

Right now I don’t know how regularly I’ll be uploading or what set days I will. But as it is currently summer for me I think I’ll upload till the end of summer so maybe look out for another 7 posts in the next 13 days before I go back to school. When I go back I’ll work out what time I’ll have to do my blog and let you know so that there is more regularity in my posts! 

This feels like a new start for me, and hopefully it will go well!

x x x



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