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“In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different” – Coco Chanel

Wearing what you want to wear.

I feel like this post could very quickly turn into a rant, so here I go …
I feel like in today’s society, we are told and shown what we should be buying and wearing. Not just by models & celebrities, but also by shops, social media and advertisements, showing us ‘the hottest trends’.

Something I always ask myself is : 

-If this weren’t ‘in trend’ would I buy this?

And more importantly.. – ‘Do I actually like this?‘ 

I feel like us as teenagers, (and adults) are pulled into the new trends, so fast that sometimes we don’t even consider whether we actually like what we are spending our money and dressing ourselves in. 

We’re so desperate to keep up with everybody else and get the same clothes as other people that we don’t ever stop to wonder if this is our style.

“Fashion fades, style is eternal” – Yves Saint Laurent

I know for sure, myself that I have many items of clothing that I’ve thought about, and personally, I’m not a huge fan of them, however I bought them in order to keep up with everyone else. Thinking about this makes me feel stupid, wasting my money for clothes i don’t love. However it’s all too easy to do. 

Another key part of this rant I feel I need to include is being too scared to wear certain clothing. 
I know that for most people, they worry about wearing something, because they don’t ‘suit it’ due to their body type/shape. Personally I’m one of these people who worries about wearing something that won’t look good on me, for example ‘oh it doesn’t look right I don’t have long enough legs’ or ‘I’m too short for this’. But in some ways I wish I didn’t think like this, clothes (usually) are made for all body types, you shouldn’t be scared of wearing something that maybe looks better on someone else…. 

And if you do – look at this:

Lastly, if you like wearing all black – wear all black. If you like wearing alternative and different clothes – wear these clothes. And if you really don’t worry/ care about what you wear, then go you! Embrace that and just think about how much more free you feel!

And if you like wearing new and in trend clothes – wear these clothes. I’m in no way against the idea of being in trend/ saying its a bad thing to ‘follow others’, I’m just posting a different point of view which I find quite interesting, as up till now I’d never thought about it!

If you want to stop worrying about your appearance and keeping up with others, think more like this!💫

Oh, and just remember, before you buy that £90 Calvin Klein jumper/ Chanel bag/ new Urban Decay eyeshadow palette. 

Ask yourself;

  1. Do I need this?
  2. Will this make me happy?
  3. Do I actually want this?
  4. Do I actually like this?
  5. Am I doing this to show off?

If yes, go ahead and buy! Treat yourself.

If no, save your money. Get something you actually want and love.


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