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Seeing different from everybody else – BDD

Body dismorphia

There is not one person in this world that wouldn’t change one thing about themselves, whether that be personality or appearance. 

A lot of people I know would change so much of their appearance if they could. Eg to be taller/skinnier/curvier/smaller nose/longer legs/bigger bum etc.

But body dismorphia is more than just disliking something and wishing for something else. 

Body dismorphia 

A mental disorder characterised by an obsessive preoccupation that some aspect of one’s appearance is serverely flawed and warrants exceptional measures to hide or fix it


Body dismorphia is looking in the mirror and seeing your nose as long as pinnochio’s

Body dismorphia is looking in the mirror and seeing your body at least 10x bigger than it ‘really is’

Body dismorphia is seeing something in your appearance that you hate passionately and obsessively checking to see if it looks worse.

And the worst part about it is that you are the only person who can see these flaws. Only you. No one else understands why you have so much hate for something that seems so insignificant to them.
Every inch of my body is scarred with memories from my past. Some parts I embrace. Some parts I can’t bear to look at.

That gap in my right eyebrow from cracking my head open, and the raw skin, making it hard to cover it up with makeup. Seen by many, yet only noticed by few.

The scar on my middle finger from burning it whilst flipping pancakes that is white and clear and has never faded.

The scarring on my knees from times in the playground. Falling over and getting back up with the bloody dripping down my legs. Back then I didn’t care. But I hate the scars now. 

My nose. ‘Big’ since birth anyway, but my fall down the stairs onto it gave it a good bash, and ever since I feel like I crooked old witch. So noticeable. Yet I’m the only one who stares at it everyday.

Every scar and flaw holds a memory behind it. Good and bad, yet we seem to overpower these memories by reminding ourselves of the ‘terrible flaws’ they’ve left us with. We don’t remember that fun time in the playground before we feel over, we don’t remember how good the pancake tasted after we burnt ourselves. We just hate on ourselves for making mistakes.

We let our minds and our mental state take over and tell us how disgusting these flaws are and how we need to hide them and never show.

I would do anything to change all of my flaws (there are many more than I have mentioned), however, by reevaluating this post, it’s made me realise that our stumbles, scars and mistakes make us who we are. They are what have made us us, we have to make mistakes and do things that hurt us at some point in our lives, otherwise we’ll never learn.

If you take anything away from this, just remember that your scars and insecurities on your body are your past and you shouldn’t hate on them,but embrace them.



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