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a letter to my future children – society

There are many things that need to change in this world, I have only picked out a few – relating to the society I have grown up in.
The society I have grown up in hopefully won’t be the society of tomorrow

Hopefully the world will have changed in the next 10 or so years

Hopefully teenage girls and even women won’t be afraid to walk home in the dark at 6 o’clock

Hopefully girls won’t be expected to have ‘flat, toned stomachs’ yet have big boobs and and a toned bum. 

Hopefully the term ‘thigh gap’ won’t be in your vocabulary

Hopefully there won’t be such a high expectation as to what you should wear or look like
I hope that you will never follow in my footsteps, and genetically have the same traits as I unfortunately have

I hope that you will never think that starving yourself, almost to the point of death will make you more pretty and increase your self worth.

Because I’ve learned the hard way and it doesn’t.
I hope that in your society, women won’t be thought as as objects – sexual objects

I hope that in your society women won’t be blamed for someone raping them, due to them wearing something ‘revealing’ meaning that they ‘asked for it’

I hope that your society educates you on mental illness instead of encouraging you to develop a mental illness
I hope that you never feel the self – hatred that many people do in today’s society

I hope that you grow up into strong independent women
And overall, if society doesn’t change, and the world is still in the mess it is right now, I hope that you hold your heads high, and don’t let anything get in your way of achieving what you want. 


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